Angela Doerr & Krisenna Hancock

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Angela Doerr

Angela Doerr was born in Northbrook, Illinois but was raised in Georgetown, Kentucky.

After high school, Angela attended Purdue University, and received her BS in Operations Management.

Angela has worked for Abbott Laboratories for 29 years and am so passionate about what we do as a company, helping people live healthier lives.   I have had the opportunity to live and work in many different places and different roles… Chicago, Illinois (3 times); New Orleans, Louisiana (3 times); Zwolle, Netherlands (2 times); Altavista, Virginia; Tipp City, Ohio and Casa Grande; Arizona.   My current role is Site Director for the Casa Grande, Arizona plant.   We produce liquid and powder nutritionals for people of all ages (Similac, Pediasure, Ensure, Glucerna, etc.).   I am passionate about leading an organization and making science based nutritional products that help people of all ages live healthier lives.

Angela is married to David McLaughlin, and is from Ohio.   We met in New Orleans.  We will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in April 2020.  

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Casa Grande Valley has experienced first-hand Angela’s community involvement. Angela serves on the Board for the Clubs, and say she has “3 passions… helping kids reach their potential (B&G Club), helping animals (Best Friends Animal Society), funding research to help juvenile diabetics live long, healthy lives”.

Angela loves to travel and hike, and has a goal to visit and hike all national parks, loves to read Nora Roberts and John Grisham, also watching movies such as; Pretty Woman, Coal Miners Daughter and October Sky are some of my favorites. Angela also likes to golf, but I am not very good at it, but plan to get better”.

When asked why she agreed to dance for this event, she shared that “this is such a fun way to raise funds for the kids, Of course I fear – falling or forgetting the dance moves, but am excited because we are doing it for the kids, I am also hoping to lose some weight. It is very clear that Angela is dedicated to kids, when she was little, she aspired to be a teacher.

Some of her favorite work/professional life story is very touching! Angela told us she had a story that related to a customer… “When I was working at our Tipp City, Ohio plant I was contacted by a local 5th grader to request help to put together a production chart for a class homework assignment (they had to write to a company they cared about).   He reached out to me because he was taking our Elecare product.  We decided to go visit him at school and present him with our 125-year history book to help with his production chart.   We met him and his grandfather and learned that he has a condition that causes his esophagus to swell when eating regular food.   Our Elecare product was his sole nutrition… He was the most optimistic and happy young man when we had a chance to meet him.   Abbott Nutrition has since kept in touch with him… He is in high school now.   He even joined our commercial sales team for one of their meetings where he and his parents spoke to the group.”   

Krisenna Hancock

Krisenna’s formal dance training began at the tender age of 3. She wowed audiences with her enthusiasm for performance as a product of the Talent Factory. Years of gymnastics, tap, jazz, hop-hop, ballet and ballroom classes built a strong foundation for her career path as a professional choreographer/performer and dance/gymnastics instructor. When Krisenna was 8, her stop mom introduced her to Cabaret bell dance. Krisenna’s vocal training and piano lessons also helped to shape her understanding and love of music as a creative outlet.