Dr. Jeff Mitchell & Chelsea Stubblefield Taylor

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Dr. Jeff Mitchell

Dr.  Jeff Mitchell was Born in Safford, AZ – moved to Casa Grande at 4 years old; Raised here, went to Evergreen Elementary School, Junior high and the old High School; Graduated in 1996! Go Cougars!

After graduation from CGUHS, went to NAU in Flagstaff; Graduated with a degree in Exercise Science; Then went to Dental School at the University of Colorado in Denver Colorado.

Jeff is a Dentist, and feels that It is Great fit for him, and he said he loves it. I get to help people and their health, control my work schedule; have time for my family; work with my hands; and meet so many amazing people; MY work team is another family to me, and so are my patients. I love seeing my patients out in the community. I love living in the community in which I live. I Grew up in Casa Grande and was exposed to dentistry by family friends the Tomkinsons, and Dicks. Amazing families who were great examples to follow.

Jeff has a lovely wife named Katie; She is from Buckeye/ Goodyear AZ; She is a Fitness instructor at the Casa Grande Recreation Center, PTO President at McCartney Ranch Elementary School, and pretty much the greatest person on the planet; we have 4 amazing kids, 2 girls and then 2 boys; 1 Bulldog called “Money Pit” jk ” CHOPS” is his real name, “Money Pit’ just seems more appropriate.

 My wife and I met in Flagstaff at NAU; Being from Casa Grande and living through the heated summers, we told ourselves we would never come back to the heat, it was so oppressive! but after being away in Flagstaff and Denver; when we started raising kids we realized how important it would be to be closer to family. When the job opportunity opened up we jumped and haven’t looked back since. We love the small-town community that Casa Grande offers. I love being outdoors for 8-9 month of the year; hiking, biking, running in all the open spaces without the traffic of the big city.

We asked Jeff to tell us about his community involvement, what he is passionate about. He said “ I try to give back to the community. I have been able to coach swim team, soccer and baseball over the past decade or more. As an active member of my church, we have many opportunities to help others in need in the community through many acts of service, area clean-up projects , many Eagle scout projects beautifying the community, etc… I feel my most important job is to be a father to my 4 children; helping them to try to be good citizens and showing love to others; just being there for them is a huge benefit that not all kids have. If I fail as a father, then nothing else really matters”.

A fun fact about him is that he had a piece of glass in his foot for over 10 years because he didn’t go to the doctor when he stepped on a shaving mirror in the shower. He duct taped the wound closed because I had a test that I had to take that day (in college).

When asked to tell us why he agreed to dance he said “I just love dancing, Dancing is my favorite! Jk – Matt asked for help, he has seen me playing around dancing like a fool for fun at the schools daddy/daughter dances over the years. I have been a contender for goofiest of all dad dancers, I think that Matt just wanted to give me an opportunity to take my dancing skills to the next level.

Growing up, Jeff was a lifeguard for many years, at the time Baywatch sounded like a good idea, but how can one compete with the “Hoff”. I thought I could end up doing something like Sea world. I was a swimmer in High school and loved being around water.

His favorite story from his work/professional life he said is “every day is a blessing. We have opportunities to help others every day! I love it when we can take a person who is afraid of what we do and make them enjoy being here. Let’s face it, going to the dentist is not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but if people can leave happy then we have made the world a better place.”

Chelsea Stubblefield

Chelsea teaches Modern dance, and the Jr. Company classes at The Studio. In high, School, Chelsea studied under the talented folks at The Studio learning styles such as Ballet, Ballroom, Hip-Hop , Jazz, Lyrical and Modern dance.